King Seiko 5246-5039 from 1973 (Export Model)

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For sale is a Seiko 5246-5039.

It will not take seasoned collectors more than a minute to realize that the 5246-5039 is the export model of the King Seiko 5246-5030.

The watch is essentially the same as the King Seiko 5246-5030 sans King Seiko branding.

Produced by Seiko's Daini factory, the 5200 series calibres are high end automatic watch movement produced as their last attempt in winning the competition against the Suwa factory.

The 5200 series calibres also features instant day/date change (with the exception of calibre 5216).

Even though the Daini factory is no longer around, the innovation of 5200 calibres continue to live on in Seiko's 4s calibres as seen in Credors and alpinist series.

Dubbed as “The watch that laid the groundwork for a new generation of mechanical wristwatches”(Grand Seiko History “Vol.5 The legendary mechanical movement is re-invented”), the Calibre 5246 is arguably the finest creation from the Seiko Daini factory, receiving chronometer certification from the Japan Chronometer Inspection Institution when it debuted.

The watch features a handsome two tone gradient brown dial that is split into 3 section (left, right and centre) .

The left and right sections are finished with horizontal brushing while the centre section features vertical brushing.

Apart from the different direction of the brushing, you will notice that the centre section is of a different shade of brown than the left and right sections. Interestingly the shade of brown of these sections swap when you rotate the watch, creating an interesting viewing experience.

Made for the export market, the calibre is equipped with the English/Spanish day wheel of an English/Kanji day wheel.

The watch case received a fresh coat of gold plating giving it a mint appearance. The watch dial is in immaculate condition other than a few light scratches. Light aging can be seen on the hands. Light hairline scratches can be seen on the crystal.

The watch comes on a brand new handmade top grained leather strap.

Serial number has been covered for privacy.

Case Width: 34mm
Lug to Lug: 40mm
Thickness: 9.5mm
Lug Width: 18mm