Seiko Skyliner 6102-8000 from 1968

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Introducing the iconic Seiko 6102-8000, a vintage masterpiece that stands as a testament to Seiko's relentless pursuit of elegance through ultra-thin design, a hallmark of the early 1960s.

The Seiko Liner series, born in the era when thinness became an art form, showcases Seiko's dedication to crafting timepieces that transcend time itself. The 6102-8000 proudly carries this legacy forward, encapsulating the essence of an era.

A classic silver sunburst dial, adorned with minimal printing, graces the watch, offering a subtle canvas for time-telling. The minute markers, elegantly discreet yet perfectly functional, elegantly fade away upon a fleeting glance, only to reveal themselves with precision when the exact time is sought.

The defining feature of the 6102-8000 lies in its remarkably thin and sharp case, setting it apart from its Seikomatic counterparts. A harmonious dial-to-case ratio, coupled with the slender profile, bestows upon the watch a sleek aesthetic, a true homage to the Seiko Skyliner line.

With a diameter of 37mm, this timepiece caters to vintage watch enthusiasts who seek the allure of the past combined with a contemporary wrist presence.

Maintaining its excellence, the watch case exhibits a few common hairline scratches, a testament to its age and life well-lived. The dial and hands remain pristine, defying the passage of time. A brand new crystal has been meticulously fitted, ensuring utmost clarity.

Completing the ensemble is the original bracelet, designed to embrace wrists up to 7.25 inches, preserving the watch's authentic charm.

To maintain the essence of exclusivity, the serial number remains discreetly concealed in the accompanying photo, a testament to the importance of privacy.

Immerse yourself in the pivotal specifications of this exceptional timepiece:

- Diameter: 37mm
- Thickness: 9mm
- Lug Width: 18mm