Omega Ladymatic 3993 62SC from 1962

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Introducing the Omega 3993 62 SC, a timepiece that intertwines history and innovation. In the year 1953, OMEGA introduced the diminutive calibre 455, marking it as the world's smallest rotor-equipped movement, meticulously crafted for women's watches. Just two years later, the Ladymatic was unveiled, housing this remarkable movement. In an era where women's watches primarily focused on aesthetics, OMEGA's commitment to precision led them to have the Ladymatic tested by the Official Chronometer Testing Bureau, a precursor to COSC - a test it gracefully passed.

This decision by OMEGA reflected a profound respect for women, offering them a watch that mirrored the seriousness and craftsmanship found in their men's timepieces. During a time when advertisements sold household appliances by highlighting their simplicity, OMEGA's emphasis on ladies' models conveyed their dedication to the fairer sex. The innovation didn't stop at the movement; the Ladymatic was available with leather straps, cords, or gold bracelets, originally integrated into designs reminiscent of the already-famous Constellation Gold Luxe. It even ventured into the realm of handcrafted jewelry, collaborating with renowned designers of the era, including Gilbert Albert and Andrew Grima.

The original Ladymatic, while appearing somewhat svelte to those accustomed to modern, large, and ultra-slim watches, held iconic status for nearly two decades. With the advent of quartz movements, the iconic name saw less use. However, recent years have witnessed a resurgence inspired by OMEGA's brand ambassadors like Nicole Kidman, who exemplify the modern woman's interest in a watch's inner workings. Thus, the new Ladymatic emerged, showcasing a brilliant movement, softly curved bracelet segments, ceramic inlays on its fluid case-sides, smooth metal, discreetly placed diamonds, and a myriad of color and style variants to cater to diverse tastes. Some iterations embrace the jewelry watch mantle with pearl and diamond bracelets, while others, for the first time, feature OMEGA's own 18-carat Sedna gold and mother-of-pearl dials in white, blue, and Tahitian black. It is undoubtedly the worthy successor to an illustrious name.

The Omega 3993 62 SC embodies the legacy of the Ladymatic with its prestigious branding and the revered Omega Automatic calibre 455, making it a coveted addition for watch enthusiasts.

This watch's case is in excellent condition, bearing common hairline scratches. Light aging gracefully characterizes the dial and hands, while hairline scratches, barely noticeable, adorn the crystal. It comes elegantly presented on a brand-new handmade top-grained calf leather strap with an original Omega buckle.

Allow us to provide you with the essential specifications of this exceptional timepiece:

- Case Width: 20.8mm
- Lug to Lug: 30mm
- Thickness: 10mm
- Lug Width: 13mm