Credor 4J81-5020 from 1984 (NOS)

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For sale is a Credor 4J81-5020.

Powered by the calibre 4J81, the watch features a higher graded movement than the calibre 4J51 used in the current ladies Grand Seiko.

Being a high accuracy quartz, the watch is capable of an accuracy of ±10s/year, the accuracy of the 9F quartz.

Watch hands are driven by a series of gears, and there is always a certain amount of play, or backlash, between the teeth that engage each wheel with the next. Although this backlash allows the gears to rotate smoothly, it is also responsible for the slight shuddering of the second hand, this imprecision is absent on the calibre 4J81.

The champagne watch dial is finished with subtle pinstripes pattern for added visual interest.

Measuring 5.0mm in thickness, the watch wears low on the wrist and is a perfect for those who would like to wear it under a shirt.

The watch is new old stock (NOS) with no signs of usage nor aging seen.

The watch comes on a brand new leather strap with the original buckle.

Serial number has been covered for privacy.

Case Width: 21mm
Lug to Lug: 27mm
Thickness: 5mm
Lug Width: 12mm