Grand Seiko 4520-8000 from 1971 (Gold Cap)

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For sale is a Grand Seiko 4520-8000. 

The watch features a gold cap finishing that allows the wearer to enjoy the aesthetic of a solid gold watch without paying the hefty price of one. 

The gold cap finishing is superior to both gold filled with gold plated finishing that tarnish easily. A mould of the watch case is made out of gold then attached to the case like how you put a cap on your head, thus the term "Gold Cap". 

The 4520-8000 features the highly sought after "Grammar of Design" that can be seen across different Grand Seiko.

Following the success of the calibre 45 and 4502, the calibre 4522 and 4520 were produced and used within a few variant of Grand Seiko.  

Equipped with a thin movement, the watch sits low and is a watch that sits well under the cuff. 

The Gold Cap 4520-8000 adorns gold throughout the watch except the dial which is white and black accents across the dial for legibility. 

The watch is in well aged condition with signs of aging across the dial and especially on the edge. Common nicks on the case can also be seen due to the softer nature of gold. Common aging can also be seen on the GS signed crown. Light chip can also be observed in the medallion. The crystal has been replaced for clarity. 

The watch is paired with a brand new top grained leather strap. 

Diameter: 36.5mm
Thickness: 10mm
Lug Width: 18mm