Omega Chronometer Electronic f300 198.001 from 1970

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Presenting the Omega 198.001, a true horological gem now available for discerning collectors.

Hailing from the 1970s and proudly featured in Omega's esteemed electronic "f 300" collection, the Omega 198.001 is an embodiment of precision and innovation.

Under its sleek exterior lies the beating heart of the Omega calibre 1250, a copper-plated marvel closely related to the iconic calibre ESA 9162, conceived by the Swiss engineer Max Hetzel, renowned for revolutionizing timekeeping with the tuning fork concept.

Ebauches SA, in a masterful move, acquired the tuning fork technology from Bulova, giving birth to their own tuning fork calibres. What sets the ESA 9162 apart from Bulova's offerings is its unparalleled hush and slender profile, a testament to Omega's commitment to excellence.

Behold the Omega logo, gracefully encased within a vibrant red isosceles trapezoid, a distinctive mark shared with other pieces from the illustrious "f 300" collection.

Impeccably crafted, this particular model showcases a stainless steel case complemented by a timeless grey sunburst dial, a fusion of sophistication and contemporary allure.

Rest assured, the watch case is in exceptional condition, boasting only customary hairline scratches that come with the passage of time. The dial remains free from any signs of aging, a testament to its impeccable preservation. The hands and dial lume exhibit faint traces of aging, adding a touch of vintage charm to this classic timepiece. Meanwhile, the crystal remains unblemished, proudly showcasing the prominent Omega logo at its core.

Completing the package, the Omega 198.001 is accompanied by a brand new handmade top-grained leather strap.

Allow us to share the vital specifications of this remarkable timepiece:

- Diameter: 36.5mm
- Thickness: 11mm
- Lug Width: 19mm