Seiko 1421-5140 from 1981

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For sale, we present the exquisite Seiko 1421-5140 timepiece, a true gem that captures the hearts of discerning collectors. Its mesmerizing Kira-Zuri dial is a visual masterpiece, reminiscent of the renowned US 2018 Limited Edition models (SBGA387, SBGA385, and SBGA384).

Allow us to delve into the enchanting world of Kira-zuri, an ancient Japanese painting technique. Just as the translation suggests, "sparkling painting," this dial exhibits a captivating luster, seemingly coming to life. This artistic method, often utilized in ukiyo-e paintings to enhance the texture of Kabuki actors' backgrounds, imparts a profound sense of movement and radiance to this timepiece.

Encased within a gracefully contoured octagonal case, the palladium plated housing boasts a silvery-white allure akin to the finest platinum. Being a member of the platinum group metals, palladium exudes an understated elegance that is simply unparalleled.

Rest assured, this watch is in remarkable condition, displaying only minimal signs of usage on the case. The dial and hands remain pristine, showcasing a flawless aesthetic. Furthermore, the crystal remains unblemished, completely free from any unsightly scratches.

As a delightful bonus, this timepiece comes with a brand new strap, ensuring both comfort and style. To safeguard your privacy, the serial number has been discreetly covered.


- Case Width: 22mm
- Thickness: 6.5mm
- Lug Width: 12mm