Seiko 2519-0050 from 1966

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Introducing the splendid Seiko 2519-0050, a horological gem that often gets mistaken for Queen Seiko, thanks to the crown image etched delicately on its case back. However, it is essential to clarify that the Seiko 2519-0050 is, in fact, a close sibling to Queen Seiko, sharing the prestigious hand-winding calibre 2519.

Enthralling in its design, this timepiece showcases a radiant silver sunburst dial, elegantly encased within a classic round case adorned with beautifully faced lugs.

Rest assured, the watch case is in excellent condition, featuring only customary hairline scratches that speak to its history. The dial and hands have gracefully withstood the test of time, exhibiting no signs of aging whatsoever. There are subtle hairline scratches on the crystal, barely noticeable to the trained eye.

Completing the package, the Seiko 2519-0050 is accompanied by a brand new handmade top-grained leather strap.

In an endeavor to safeguard the privacy and exclusivity of this magnificent piece, we have thoughtfully concealed the serial number in the accompanying photo.

Allow us to present the vital specifications of this remarkable timepiece:

- Diameter: 21.5mm
- Thickness: 6.8mm
- Lug Width: 10mm