Seiko 5931-5300 from 1981

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Introducing the exceptional Seiko 5931-5300, now available for those seeking a vintage treasure with a captivating twist.

Throughout its storied history, Seiko has ventured beyond conventional watch case materials, experimenting with aluminum to white gold to craft their horological masterpieces.

The Seiko 5931-5300 presented here boasts a hard alloy case (SHA) with an impressive Vickers Pyramid Number (HV) of around 700. For vintage watch collectors, the mention of hardened stainless steel (HSS) in the iconic 6156-8010 and numerous quartz watches would ring a bell. Timepieces crafted from HSS are often discovered in remarkable near mint condition, thanks to the inherent hardness of the HSS case.

Incredible as it may sound, the SHA case takes durability to the next level, surpassing HSS with its remarkable HV score of approximately 700, making it about 50% harder. As a result, SHA-cased watches withstand the test of time with unparalleled resilience, making them a prized addition to any collection.

Embodying true artistry, the multifaceted design of the 5931-5300's case, coupled with the SHA construction, creates an enchanting play of light as it dances across the various facets, offering wearers an immersive and captivating experience.

Complementing the striking case is an understated rice paper textured dial, a subtle yet alluring touch that harmonizes perfectly with the captivating design.

Prepare to be amazed, as the watch case is preserved in immaculate condition, showing little to no signs of usage. While slight aging graces the edge of the dial, the hands remain pristine, unaffected by the passage of time. Rest assured, the crystal remains unblemished, presenting a flawless view of this horological marvel.

To elevate its allure further, this watch comes adorned with a brand new handmade crocodile leather strap, marrying luxury with comfort.

In the interest of preserving privacy and exclusivity, the serial number has been discreetly covered in the photo.

Allow us to share the vital specifications of this remarkable timepiece:

- Case Width: 30mm
- Lug to Lug: 35.4mm
- Thickness: 5.5mm
- Lug Width: 18mm