Seiko Automatic Generating System (A.G.S) 7M22-6A50 from 1988

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For your consideration is the exquisite Seiko 7M22-6A50 timepiece, now available in our exclusive collection.

At the heart of this remarkable watch lies the pioneering Seiko calibre 7M22, a true marvel in horological engineering. It stands as the world's first quartz watch to harness the energy derived from the wearer's motion, courtesy of an ingeniously designed oscillating weight.

Originally known as the "Automatic Generating System" (A.G.S), this groundbreaking technology was later rebranded as "Kinetic" and continues to captivate watch enthusiasts to this day. Seiko proudly showcases their innovation, prominently displaying the words "Automatic Generating System" on the distinguished bezel of the Seiko 7M22-6A50.

The model we present to you is the highly coveted reference, celebrated for its design reminiscent of the iconic Audemars Piguet Royal Oak. A harmonious blend of elegance and refinement, this timepiece exudes an understated charm.

The clean white dial dial serves as the perfect canvas for the vibrant "Automatic Generating System" lettering, meticulously rendered in striking red on the bezel. This vibrant hue carries through to the sleek seconds hand and the A.G.S branding on the dial itself, creating a captivating visual harmony.

The watch case exhibits signs of a well-lived life, bearing a gentle ding on the left side and crown, which only adds to its character. Slight traces of aging can be observed on the "A.G.S" printing of the dial, while a minuscule dot, discreetly nestled close to the cannon pinion towards the 11 o'clock direction, lends an air of intrigue. Rest assured, the crystal remains flawlessly unmarred, free from any unsightly scratches. In fact, a brand new capacitor was thoughtfully installed in May 2023, ensuring optimal performance.

Accompanied by its original bracelet, meticulously crafted to deliver both comfort and style, this timepiece is designed to fit wrists of up to 6.75" in circumference, allowing for a truly personalized fit.

For privacy reasons, the serial number has been thoughtfully concealed, ensuring your ownership remains discreet.

- Diameter: 38mm
- Thickness: 10mm
- Lug Width: -