Seiko Dolce SACH019 from 1988

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For sale is a Seiko SACH019.

Making its debut on the second page of the Seiko's 1982 catalogue right after the Superiors, the Seiko Dolce line eventually took the first page in 1983, starting its reign as Seiko's main line for high accuracy quartz up till 1989 when Grand Seiko made arrival to take the first spot once again.

The Italian word "Dolce" can be translated as "graceful" and this can be seen through the aesthetic of the whole Dolce collection.

Priced at ¥120,000 when launched, the SACH019 was priced in the same price quantum as the Grand Seikos that came a few years later.

The watch is extremely well finished with a multifaceted case accompanied by a bracelet that might remind many of those from Genta.

The case is made of tungsten carbide (TC) with a Vickers Pyramid Number (HV) around 1200. Those who collect vintage watches might be aware of the hardened stainless steel (HSS) used in 6156-8010 and multiple quartz watches. Watches made of HSS are often found in incredible near mint condition attributed to the hardness of the HSS case.

To put things into perspective, HSS has a HV score of around 450 while the TC has a HV score of around 1200,making the TC about almost three times harder than HSS.

Needless to say, watch cases made of TC withstand the test of wearing better than those made of HSS.

The dial features a texture similar to the Kira-zuri Dial found on the contemporary Grand Seikos.

The watch case is in immaculate condition with no scratches. The dial and hands are free from any signs of aging. The crystal is free from scratches. Hairline scratches can be seen on the watch bracelet.

The watch comes on its original bracelet that fits up to 7" wrist.

Serial number has been covered for privacy.

Case Width: 29.2mm
Thickness: 5.8mm
Lug Width: 19mm