Seiko Lord Matic 5606-7290 from 1973

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For sale is a Seiko 5606-7290.

The watch features a distinct hidden lugs case that features fine brushing both at the top and bottom of the mid section with polished sides that are duo facet that showcase Seiko case designing capability.

The case is paired with a green Kira-zuri Dial that is decorated with chunky multifaceted indices that adds extra depth to the dial.

Many might be familiar with the term Kira-zuri due to the US 2018 Limited Edition (SBGA387, SBGA385 and SBGA384).

Grand Seiko talks about the Kira-Zuri dial in the following excerpt :

"Inspired by a Japanese painting technique called Kira-zuri, true to its translation “sparkling painting”, the lustrous dial takes a life of its own. Commonly found in ukiyo-e paintings to create texture to the background of Kabuki actors, the inspired technique adds depth and excitement to the timepiece in movement and light. "

The watch is then topped with a 3 cut glass that alters the way light enters the dial, further enhancing the beauty of the dial as light darts across it at different angles.

The watch is in excellent condition with common hairline scratches seen on the case. The dial and hands are free from any signs of aging. Minimal hairline scratches are seen on the crystal.

The watch comes on its original bracelet that fits up to 6.5" wrist.

Serial number has been covered for privacy.

Diameter: 36.5mm
Thickness: 11.5mm
Lug Width: 16mm