Seiko Lord Quartz 7853-7020 from 1978

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Introducing the exquisite Seiko 7853-7020 now available for purchase. While many aficionados are well-acquainted with the esteemed King and Grand Quartz lines, the Lord Quartz has remained a hidden gem, evading the radar of most collectors.

What sets this watch apart is its exceedingly rare textured dial, reminiscent of the captivating pattern found on diamond plates. This distinctive feature creates a captivating interplay of light and shadow, enhanced by the brushed stainless steel case. The cold, tactile texture lends the timepiece an added sense of depth and allure.

Driven by the esteemed calibre 7853, this watch exhibits exceptional precision, maintaining a remarkable accuracy of ±10 seconds per month during its production era. Rest assured, its performance is truly exceptional.

The watch case is impeccably preserved, showcasing its enduring beauty. The dial and hands remain untouched by the passage of time, showcasing a flawless appearance. The crystal, flawlessly unblemished, offers a pristine view of the captivating dial beneath.

Complementing the watch's elegance, a fresh, handmade top-grained calf leather strap accompanies this timepiece.

In consideration of privacy, the serial number has been discreetly covered, safeguarding the exclusivity of this timepiece.

Allow us to share the vital specifications of this remarkable timepiece:

- Diameter: 34mm
- Thickness: 9mm
- Lug Width: 18mm