Seiko Rally Chronograph 7017-6050 from 1971

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For sale is a Seiko 7017-6050.

The success and popularity of the calibre 6139/6138 that debut in 1969 has largely overshadowed its 701x siblings that came out one year later.

Measuring just 5.9mm in thickness, the 701x calibres produced by the Daini factory in the 70s held the record of being the slimmest automatic chronograph in the world for 17 years before Frederic Piguet, created the calibre 1185 which had a measurement of 5.5mm.

Nicknamed the "Eyeless Rally" due to the absence of sub-dial, the Seiko 7017-6050 sets itself apart with the unique inner rotating "Rallymeter" that calculate the speed and distance traveled during a regularity rally.

The watch case is in excellent condition with common signs of usage seen and a nick on the bezel at the 43rd mark. The watch dial and hands are free from any signs of aging. The crystal is free from any scratches.

The watch comes on its original bracelet that fits up to 6.75" wrist.

Diameter: 40.8mm
Thickness: 12.5mm
Lug Width: 19mm