Seiko Seikomatic 6216-9000 from 1966 (Baby 62 Grand Seiko)

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Presenting for your consideration is an exquisite timepiece, the Seiko 6216-9000, affectionately known as the "Baby 62GS." This remarkable watch is a sibling to the highly coveted 62 Grand Seikos, a testament to its exceptional pedigree.

The artisans at Seiko poured their hearts and souls into the creation of the 6216-9000, leaving no stone unturned in its meticulous design. The hands and indices are masterfully crafted, boasting multifaceted surfaces that gleam from every angle, artfully reflecting the light that dances through the domed acrylic crystal.

Adorning the silver sunburst dial is a day/date window, an identical feature to the revered 62GS models. To honor its heritage, the watch proudly displays the iconic Seikomatic logo, beautifully scripted as seen on the esteemed Chronometer 62 Seikomatic.

Notably, acquiring a 6216-9000 with an impeccable dial is an arduous feat. Most examples exhibit charming signs of aging along the dial's periphery, a testament to the watch's journey through time.

Rest assured, this timepiece's case is in excellent condition, with minimal signs of wear. The occasional hairline scratches, as expected, grace the case, further adding to its character. Subtle hints of aging can be observed on the dial's edge, particularly between 8 and 9 o'clock, though they merely whisper of the watch's history. Similarly, light aging and hairline scratches can be discerned on the crystal, like gentle reminders of the passage of time.

Accompanying this horological marvel is a brand new handmade crocodile leather strap, meticulously crafted to provide the utmost comfort and style.

In the interest of preserving privacy and exclusivity, the serial number has been discreetly covered in the photo.


- Diameter: 36.8mm
- Thickness: 12.5mm
- Lug Width: 18mm