Seiko Seikomatic 6218-8950 from 1965 (Vertically Brushed Variant)

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For your consideration is the exquisite Seiko 6218-8950 timepiece, now available in our exclusive collection.

This timepiece holds a special place in the hearts of collectors, as it serves as the distinguished predecessor to the highly coveted Grand Seiko 6246-9000. The 6218-8950 boasts a dial layout that mirrors its illustrious successor, showcasing an impeccable day/date window, meticulously crafted indices, and an elegantly designed handset, all reminiscent of the revered 6246-9000.

In keeping with its counterpart, the 6218-8950 showcases a bezel-less case and a discreetly positioned 4 o'clock crown, further exemplifying its seamless resemblance to the celebrated 6246-9000.

The particular variant we offer showcases a rare vertical brushed dial, adding a touch of exclusivity when compared to the commonly seen sunburst variant.

Well preserved, the watch case exhibits a remarkable condition, with only minor hairline scratches that are customary for a timepiece of this vintage. The dial and hands remain pristine, untouched by the passage of time, while the crystal remains unscathed, devoid of any blemishes.

To complement the inherent sophistication of this timepiece, it is presented on a brand new, handcrafted top grained leather strap, ensuring a perfect marriage of style and comfort.

In the interest of preserving privacy and exclusivity, the serial number has been discreetly covered in the photo.

- Diameter: 37mm
- Thickness: 12mm
- Lug Width: 19mm