Seiko Socie 11-1050 from 1975

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For sale is a Seiko 11-1050

The Seiko Socie 11-1050 features a gold stepped case that is complemented by a granular textured dial that provides some visual interest.

Roman numerals are printed in black for greater legibility against the gold dial.

The Seiko Daini factory is known for it's expertise in creating exquisite calibres for ladies watches and one such example is the calibre 11 used in the Seiko 11-1050.

Packed within that small manual winding movement is 21 jewels that helps absorb shock from daily usage. One might not think much of that jewel count but just think of the challenge that the engineering team faced while designing in the 70s.

The watch case is in immaculate condition with no obvious signs of usage. The watch dials and hands are free from any signs of aging. Scratches can be seen on the original crystal. The movement moves a little when handling the crown but the watch runs without any problem. 

The watch comes on a brand new leather strap.

Serial number has been covered for privacy.

Diameter: 29mm
Thickness: 7.6mm
Lug Width: 14mm