Seiko Socie 11-1130 from 1975 (Solid 14K White Gold & Serviced)

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For sale is a Seiko 11-1130.

The watch community often celebrates how watch companies are able to create thinner mechanical movements but not enough credits are give to companies that are able to create smaller movements.

The Seiko Daini is known for the expertise in creating exquisite calibres for ladies watches and one such example is the calibre 11 used in this Seiko 11-1130 for sale.

Packed within that small manual winding movement is 17 jewels that helps absorb shock from daily usage. One might not think much of that jewel count but just think of the challenge that the engineering team faced while designing in the 70s.

Sitting right on top of the movement is a Kira-zuri dial.

Many might be familiar with the term Kira-zuri due to the US 2018 Limited Edition (SBGA387, SBGA385 and SBGA384).

Grand Seiko talks about the Kira-Zuri dial in the following excerpt :

"Inspired by a Japanese painting technique called Kira-zuri, true to its translation “sparkling painting”, the lustrous dial takes a life of its own. Commonly found in ukiyo-e paintings to create texture to the background of Kabuki actors, the inspired technique adds depth and excitement to the timepiece in movement and light. "

Finishing off this masterpiece is a 14k solid white gold case with and intricate bezel surrounding the crystal.

The watch is in excellent condition with common signs of usage seen. The dial is in excellent condition with a faint scratch in the middle of the dial that is hardly visible. The watch hands are free from any signs of aging. Light hairline scratches can be seen on the crystal.

Serviced in August 2022 the watch is keeping good time.

The watch comes on a brand new handmade top grained leather strap.

Diameter: 22mm
Thickness: 7.5mm
Lug Width: 11mm