Seikomatic Chronometer 6246-9000 from 1966 (Serviced with NOS crystal)

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For sale is a Seiko 6246-9000. 

Many might be aware of the existence of the 62GS but not many are aware of the predecessor, 624X Seikomatics.

Making its debut in the 1966 catalogue, two variants of the 624x Seikomatic was offered along the Grand and King Seiko.

The main differences between the two variants are the presence of day display and the font used for the Seikomatic branding.

The 6246-9000 uses a cursive font while the 6245-9000 uses a regular font for the Seikomatic branding.

Priced at JPY 35000 for the 6245 and JPY 38000 for the 6246, the 624X Seikomatics were the most expensive stainless steel watch offered by Seiko in 1966.

For comparison, the 624x Seikomatic was priced about 50% more than the Grand Seiko 5722-9990 (JPY27000) and King Seiko 4420-9990 (JPY24000) in 1966.

The 624X Seikomatics features a clean bezeless case with beautiful multifaceted lug. The watch also features a beautiful stepped dial that makes the gives the dial extra depth. All these features unique to the 624X Seikomatics and 62GS.

It wasn't until 1968 when Seiko decided to feature the 62GS on its catalogue. No updates on the aesthetic were made through the 62GS which has the exact design as the 624X Seikomatics other than the difference in branding and the loss of the "Chronometer" word on the dial and rotor.

The variant offered for sale here is is the 6246 Seikomatic which has the extra day display and the favored cursive Seikomatic branding.

The watch case is in excellent condition with common hairline scratches seen. All original lines on the watch remains sharp which is especially important for the 62GS. A few small dots can be seen on the dial that is only visible upon close inspection. Light signs of aging can be seen on the medallion. Aging can be seen on the hour hand. A NOS crystal was installed for clarity.

Serviced in September 2021 the watch is ready for prolong usage before the next servicing is required.

The watch comes on a brand new handmade top grained leather strap.

Serial number has been covered for privacy.

Diameter: 36.2mm
Thickness: 12.7mm
Lug Width: 19mm