Credor 2F70-5320 from 1985

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Introducing the exquisite Credor 2F70-5320, a true testament to masterful craftsmanship and timeless elegance, now available to those who seek the pinnacle of refined horology.

At the heart of this timepiece lies a sharp brushed rectangular case, meticulously crafted to the highest standards. The case's exceptional design is further elevated by a skillfully executed high-polished bevel, ingeniously engineered to create a mesmerizing interplay of contrast and depth that is as visually captivating as it is artistically profound.

A delicate touch of opulence graces this watch in the form of a 14k solid gold bezel, imparting a gentle warmth and a touch of refinement that harmoniously melds with its overall aesthetic.

The dial, a canvas of elegant minimalism, bears a restrained demeanor with discreet printing and the iconic Credor logo taking center stage at 12 o'clock. The timepiece is meticulously completed with a crown adorned with a sleek black stone, a nod to the attention to detail that defines Credor's creations.

With a slender 3.8mm thickness, this watch elegantly graces the wrist, making it an impeccable choice for those seeking a timepiece that seamlessly transitions from boardroom to dress soirée.

The watch case, presented in immaculate condition, exhibits the slightest traces of usage that contribute to its compelling narrative. Both the dial and hands remain untouched by the passage of time, reflecting the watch's enduring beauty. The crystal, a window to its intricate mechanism, remains unblemished, offering an uninterrupted view into its inner workings.

A brand new handmade top-grained calf leather strap adorns this horological masterpiece, exquisitely accentuating its elegance.

In line with our commitment to preserving the integrity of ownership, the serial number is discreetly concealed in the accompanying photo, ensuring the exclusivity of this remarkable timepiece.

Allow us to share the vital specifications of this extraordinary watch:

- Case Width: 17.8mm
- Lug to Lug: 27mm
- Thickness: 3.8mm
- Lug Width: 14mm