Seiko Majesta SBDZ001 from 1989 (HSS Case)

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Introducing the exquisite Seiko SBDZ001, a masterpiece hailing from Seiko's prestigious "Majesta" collection, where precision, legibility, and sophistication unite in a seamless harmony.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the SBDZ001 showcases an integrated bracelet case design that exudes elegance. The polished bezel creates a striking contrast against the brushed case, while meticulously mirror-polished bevels accentuate the case's depth, inviting you to explore its every facet.

For uncompromising durability, hardened Stainless Steel (HSS) was chosen for the case construction, boasting an impressive Hv score of approximately 450. This remarkable hardness ensures an enduring resilience against the tests of time, preserving the pristine finish of countless examples through the years.

The dial, a paragon of legibility, remains elegantly minimalistic, with black-painted hands and indices standing in striking contrast.

At its heart is the high end quartz calibre 5S42, a movement that seamlessly emulates the hypnotic glide of the esteemed Spring Drive, thanks to an ingenious dampener device that elegantly transforms the 4Hz ticks into an uninterrupted symphony of motion.

Remarkably accurate, the calibre 5S42 boasts an astonishing precision of ±20 seconds per year, setting a standard that transcends the ordinary. Gone are the days of monthly adjustments—welcome an era of true chronometric excellence.

The watch case, a testament to meticulous preservation, exhibits immaculate condition with negligible signs of wear. The dial, an ageless canvas, bears no traces of aging, while the hands gracefully hint at the passage of time. Through the crystal-clear sapphire crystal, no vestige of scratches can be found, a testament to enduring clarity.

Embracing its original character, the watch finds its place on its authentic bracelet, tailored to comfortably grace wrists up to 7.25 inches.

In respect of the essence of exclusivity, the serial number remains discreetly veiled in the accompanying photo.

As we delve into the vital specifications of this extraordinary timepiece:

- Case Width: 32.5mm
- Thickness: 8mm
- Lug Width: - mm