Citizen GX 4-370392 Y from 1975

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Presenting the distinctive Citizen 4-370392 Y, a timepiece that not only embodies refined craftsmanship but also holds a unique historical significance. Now available for those who recognize the essence of horological heritage.

Beyond the known association between Citizen Watch Co. and Bulova, lies a lesser-known fact: a working relationship that dates back to the mid-70s. Apart from the Hisonic, this collaboration birthed an anomaly within the Cosmotron family - the Citizen Cosmotron GX, a timepiece that proudly employs tuning fork technology.

A testament to innovation, the tuning fork technology was an ingenious creation originating from Bulova in the USA. Harnessing the harmonious rhythm of a tiny tuning fork oscillating at 360 vibrations per second, this technology transformed linear vibrations into the circular motion that guarantees unparalleled accuracy, a feat beyond the realm of even the finest mechanical counterparts. As a tribute to this revolutionary era, the Citizen Cosmotron GX emerged, embodying the essence of precision and performance.

Powering the GX models is the 3701B movement, a marvel that utilizes a single coil, a departure from the conventional dual-coil approach of tuning fork timepieces. Ingeniously designed, the crown bears the signature (CTZ). A simple twist quicksets the date, a gentle pull halts the watch for precise time setting, and a full extraction disconnects the battery when the watch is at rest.

Embracing the tuning fork technology, the watch offers an indulgent sweep of the seconds hand, accompanied by the distinct hum that reverberates from within the calibre.

Among the myriad dial variations under the Citizen 4-370392 Y reference, the version on offer showcases a radiant light metallic blue with vertical brushing, capturing the allure of timeless design.

Exemplifying exceptional care, the watch case is in impeccable condition, exhibiting only subtle traces of use. Delicate scratches around 12 o'clock on the dial, discernible only from certain angles, bear witness to its journey through time. The hands, unmarred by the passage of years, remain pristine, while the crystal stands untainted, allowing a crystal-clear view of its captivating dial.

To complement its grace, this timepiece is adorned with a brand new top-grained calf leather strap, offering a perfect marriage of comfort and style.

For the sake of privacy and exclusivity, the serial number has been discreetly concealed within the accompanying photograph.

Let us present the pivotal specifications of this extraordinary timepiece:

- Diameter: 36.5mm
- Thickness: 11.5mm
- Lug Width: 20mm

Incorporating horological heritage and precision, the Citizen 4-370392 Y asserts itself as a distinguished addition to any collection.