Citizen Blackie Recordmaster Rally Custom 63-0314 from 1971

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Introducing a vintage treasure that's undeniably part of the Citizen Blackie collection – a name that aptly captures its timeless allure.

The Citizen 63-0314, a remarkable representative of this collection, exhibits an intriguing choice that Citizen made. An entire layer of black coating envelops the watch, not only bestowing it with a distinctive aesthetic but also enhancing its resilience against scratches. This ingeniously protects the delicate aluminum alloy case, ensuring a lasting appeal.

Contained within a sleek turtle casing, this timepiece boasts wearability for even those with wrists below 6". Crafted from lightweight aluminum alloy, it takes the title as the lightest chronograph watch ever encountered, a feather-light companion that won't weigh you down.

The dial and inner rotating bezel don an elegant black hue, elegantly contrasted by white printings for effortless time reading. A touch of character comes in the form of mustard yellow encircling the lumed indices and a vibrant orange second hand.

Witnessing the passage of time, the watch case gracefully displays its vintage journey. The marks of its history only add to its character, with slight signs of aging on the case and subtle traces of time on the bezel. While there are whispers of age, the dial remains immaculate, save for a few dots that tell its story. A pristine crystal guards this treasure against the years.

Embracing your wrist is a matching rubber Citizen strap, securing this timepiece with a clasp from the Blackie model. Accommodating up to a 7.5" wrist, it ensures both comfort and style.

As with all things precious, privacy is paramount – the serial number remains discreetly concealed, a token of exclusivity.

Allow us to unveil the essential specifications of this exceptional timepiece:

- Diameter: 42mm
- Thickness: 12mm
- Lug Width: 18mm