Eddy Cullipard 233-60 Circa 1960

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Introducing an Eddy timepiece, a testament to the enduring legacy of small watch companies that leave an indelible mark on horological history.

While the names may fade, their creations remain as timeless testaments to their craftsmanship, and the Eddy watch is a prime example.

This watch boasts a simple white dial, the canvas for the rose gold raised numerals and hands to flourish. The contrast is striking, a harmonious marriage of design and functionality.

Embracing the Cullipard hand-winding calibre 233-60, the watch is more than a timekeeper – it's an intricate dance of gears, translating the passage of time into a captivating visual display through its decentralized seconds hand.

Though the watch case has gracefully endured the years, it proudly bears signs of its journey, a testament to its authenticity. The dial has weathered the years with grace, wearing an even patina that adds character. Gentle aging graces the hands, while the crystal remains untainted by scratches.

Having undergone servicing in January 2019 and remaining untouched since, this watch stands as a testament to meticulous care, as it continues to keep impeccable time.

Nestled on your wrist is a brand new, handmade top-grained calf leather strap, enhancing both comfort and style.

Allow us to share the pivotal specifications of this remarkable timepiece:

- Diameter: 33mm
- Thickness: 9mm
- Lug Width: 18mm