Longines Flagship 4002 from 1974 (Serviced)

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Introducing the iconic Longines 4002, a horological masterpiece that effortlessly transcends time, now available for those who admire the fusion of history and elegance.

Born in 1957, the Longines Flagship collection made an indelible mark on the world of dress watches, a legacy that has been thoughtfully revived within the Longines Heritage collection.

Behold the Longines 4002, a testament to the art of simplicity. Its timeless design is a celebration of minimalism, an embodiment of refined taste and understated luxury.

The sunburst dial, resplendent in a sophisticated shade of grey, showcases an array of white Roman numerals, meticulously printed for optimal legibility against the dial's backdrop.

The watch case, a pinnacle of meticulous craftsmanship, is adorned with a deep brushing technique that radiates outwards from the center. The absence of a bezel further amplifies the watch's presence, allowing its essence to take center stage.

This watch's case, a true relic of time, stands in excellent condition, adorned with the subtle patina of life's journey, immortalized in common hairline scratches. Gentle hints of aging gracefully adorn the dial's edges, a testament to the passage of time. The hands, timeless and unblemished, exude the same elegance as the day they were created. Delicate hairline scratches on the acrylic crystal speak softly of its history.

Resting upon the wrist is a brand new handmade top-grained calf leather strap, a perfect harmony of luxury and comfort, a fusion of past and present.

In consideration of privacy and exclusivity, the serial number has been discreetly concealed in the accompanying photo.

Allow us to share the vital specifications of this remarkable timepiece:

- Diameter: 23.5mm
- Thickness: 7.7mm
- Lug Width: 16mm